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Philippe Ortelli
Philippe Ortelli

Monaco Business News in its summer edition concentrates on energy transition. Introducing the topic in FEDEM’s regular publication, Philippe Ortelli, President of the Monegaqgue Employers’ Federation, underlines the vital importance of making the transition to clean energy.

“When we zoom in on energy transition in the Principality, we all know that it is this type of responsibility that will have an impact on our descendants, and over several generations,” Mr Ortelli said.

He refers to the fact that Monaco is very small, but adds that the power to act is much more important than our surface occupied on earth.

“This generational responsibility commits us to develop the solutions that will ensure the sustainability of our economic, ecological and social model”, Mr Ortelli commented. “For it alone will provide us with the means to act elsewhere on earth.”

He added that not everything is lost in the battle, for example, that we can reduce our carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2030 if the will is there.

“Our model in Monaco is like no other. Let us continue together, the heads of companies, the authorities and social partners, to demonstrate the collective responsibility which has led our country to advance and its economy to prosper.”  


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