Meet the winners of two ESA competitions at the IAC 2021


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They will attend the International Astronautical Congress in Dubai on 25–29 October as part of their awards and will showcase their companies at dedicated events. Meet the winners at a Global Networking Forum (GNF) session, a Technical session and in the ESA presentation area.

2020 startup competition

Cosmic SrlHawa DawaOrbital EOS and ConstellR are the winners of ESA’s 2020 startup competition. These startups will present their companies on Monday 25 October (12:00–12:30 GST) during a pitching session in the ESA presentation area where they will also receive their awards (Hall 8 – stand 11).

Cosmic Srl, the first place winner of the competition, will also deliver a pitch at the ESA-organised GNF session ‘2020’s  – The decade of the start-up companies’ on Wednesday27 October (10:50–12:20 GST).

Hawa Dawa, the second place winner, as well as Orbital EOS and ConstellR (both in third place) will share their experiences as start-up companies during the Technical session E3.6 on Thursday, 28 October (14:45–17:45 GST).

Their presentations will be part of a panel discussion with Geraldine Naja, Acting ESA Director for Commercialisation, Industry and Procurement and Mohsen Al Awadhi from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) to discuss some of the most relevant topics in the start-up world, including the main stages and challenges in a startup’s journey.

2021 Global Space Markets Challenge

The winners of ESA’s Global Space Markets Challenge will showcase their companies during a dedicated session on Tuesday, 26 October (15:00–16:00 GST) in the ESA presentation area.

The upstream winners DcubeD (first place), Lios (second place) and Lens Research & Development (third place) as well as the downstream winners Detektia Earth Surface Monitoring S.L (First place), SatADSL (second place) and A.U.G Signals Ltd (third place), will present their products, services and internationalisation ambitions to the audience and will receive their awards.

During the session Eurisy, who partnered with ESA in this competition, will present its new Virtual Reality tool that will also feature the activities of the downstream winners in the future.

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