Teams pulling out the stops for Monaco GP

Several Formula One teams including Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari have created special helmets for this year’s Monaco Grand Prix, and one team, McLaren, has even revealed a whole new look for their cars as well.

“The first and so far only Monegasque to win the Monaco GP. Bringing a part of Louis Chiron back on track,” Charles Leclerc wrote on his twitter post.

Photo by Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

The biggest make-over comes from McLaren, who not only have changed up their helmets but their cars as well, sporting a retro look using fuel sponsor Gulf Oil’s blue and orange colour scheme. This one-off change represents a return to the Monaco Grand Prix after that cancelled year, as well as marking the renewed partnership between McLaren and Gulf in 2020, which had first been established in the 1960’s. 

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will both be sporting helmets using the theme, and even their masks are Gulf orange. The cars are white and feature orange striping up the middle and along the wings with blue touches. Norris’s helmet is light blue with orange striping and has some seriously vintage flair with goggles and a leather strap painted on. Ricciardo went for a papaya coloured base and throwback black numbers on a white circular backdrop.

Top photo by Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

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